Borderlands 2 Psycho Bandit and Handsome Jack Masks in Time for Halloween



Planning on dressing up for Halloween as your favorite Borderland 2 character this year? If so, it just got easier for you, as NECA has just released photographs of Borderlands 2 masks of Psycho Bandit and Handsome Jack. But, we’re not talking about Borderlands 2 masks like the paper-cut-out masks Gearbox released for Halloween last year. Oh no. These are fully-fledged rubber latex masks you can wear again and again and look incredibly realistic.

Each mask is hand-painted to give it that even more authentic look (and from the photographs they do look amazingly cool) and will sell for $26.99 plus delivery charges. The masks will go on sale in September, just in time for Halloween.

Oh and, by the way, they’re one-size-fits-all — guest the latex molds to¬† your face?

You can check out the Borderlands 2 Psycho Bandit mask here, and the Handsome Jack latex mask here.


borderlands 2 handsome jack mask


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