Can’t Save Game in Rome Total War Prologue Campaign?


Yeah, okay, I’m years behind the times on this one but, if I’m searching for how to save a game in Rome Total War’s prologue campaign, you can guarantee other people are too.

In fact, I just picked up Rome Total War last week at GamersGate and, today was the first time I tried to play it. Let me say — cool graphics for the time, awesome story and an absolutely superb prologue campaign (basically the tutorial for the whole game series) so, why on earth didn’t the developers include a ‘Save Game’ option in the prologue? Once you start, if you want to finish, you’re in it for at least an hour and up to four if you want to go beyond the basic tasks necessary to complete the tutorial.

At one point, the ‘Advisor’ who is walking you through the tutorial tells you that you will be able to save the game after 10 turns. No. You really can’t. The Save Game category is shaded out, so it’s a physical impossibility.

Apparently, the developers decided you shouldn’t need to save a game as it’s just a tutorial, so they didn’t expect you to play for long. A bit insane, I’d have to say as, if you get interrupted during the hour it takes to complete the tutorial — yep, you have to start all over again.

Now, I love the Total War series and Creative Assembly, the developers, are pretty darned amazing. But, sometimes, they make the most bonehead decisions (later Total War series only available to activate on Steam, for instance?), which have prevented me from being able to buy anything from them beyond Rome Total War, and prevented me from finishing the entire prologue campaign today as, no, I can’t sit there for five hours until I do.

Too bad on both counts really.


Michelle Topham

Michelle Topham

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