Free Games on Desura: Almost 100 DRM-Free Games for Download (Video)

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I was checking a couple of facts while writing a post about Desura today and it suddenly dawned on me I’d forgotten to tell you about all the free games on Desura. That’s right. Not only does Desura have an amazing catalogue of indie video games to buy and download, they also have a list of almost 100 DRM-free games that are also free to play.

And before you start thinking any free games on Desura must be the bottom-of-the-barrel games, think again. Many of them were games that were originally charged for when they were first released not long ago, but that the developers have now decided to offer for free.

Games like Open Tyrian, (I played the original Tyrian on my very first computer over 15 years ago and became addicted pretty quickly), Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and Evolution RTS.

You’ll find the entire list of free games on Desura here, but don’t forget to keep checking the list periodically as well, as older games often end up eventually being offered for free or new free games are released and they’ll be added to the list too.


Michelle Topham

Michelle Topham

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Michelle Topham

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