How to Make a Black Ops 2 Cake: You Can Even Add Black Ops 2 Zombies (Video)


Since the release of the latest Call of Duty game, millions of gamers around the world have been glued to their computer screens for days at a time killing Black Ops 2 zombies. Of course, most people eventually have to come up for air or, at least, food and when they do but don’t want to leave the world of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 behind just yet, there really is no need to worry. Food and the world’s most popular game can be incorporated into the same few minutes. How? By making a Black Ops 2 cake, of course.

I stumbled across this video of how to make a Black Ops 2 cake on the YouTube playlist of one of my favorite bakers, Rosanna Pansino. Pansino, just in case you don’t know, is also an actress with appearances in Glee and on CSI, but it’s on YouTube where she has made a name for herself with her awesome baking channel — Nerdy Nummies. In fact, with almost 40 million video views, she’s destined to become one of the world’s most-watched bakers before she’s done.

As you’d probably expect, Pansino’s video on how to make a Black Ops 2 cake has been so successful, in only a couple of weeks it’s already had more than 160,000 views. Do be warned if you decide to have a go at making it though, while the cake itself is dead easy to bake it will take you a little bit longer to make all the decorations. After all, spray-painting bullets and then painting the tips is time consuming.

Remember as well, you don’t have to recreate the decorations exactly. If you’d prefer to put Black Ops 2 zombies on your cake instead of bullets, have at it. Just cut them out of the fondant and then decorate them (adding lots of blood and gore, of course) while your cake is in the oven.

Now go and watch the video………..


Michelle Topham

Michelle Topham

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