Let’s Play Ittle Dew and Martyn from Yogscast: The Perfect Combination (Video)

ittle dew

Let’s Play Ittle Dew and Martyn aka In the Little Wood – the perfect combination

So what’s heaven for me this week? A video of one of my favorite new indie games, Ittle Dew, combined with one of my favorite Let’s Players, Martyn, aka In the Little Wood, from Yogscast.

Ittle Dew, just in case you haven’t seen it being played yet, is a new indie console-style action RPG. It’s known for not only it’s bright, colorful and cartoon-like graphics, but also for its ‘hero’, a girl who really is a little snot.

As for gameplay, Ittle Dew plays like a classic RPG with many gamers saying it has a Zelda-esque feel to it. There are dungeons to explore, monsters to kill, puzzles to solve and a bit of looting to do but it’s all done in a bit of a child-like style which, by the way, suits Martyn’s playing style perfectly.

All in all, a cool game — made even cooler now that I can watch Martyn from Yogscast playing it.

Watch Part 1 below, and giving him a ‘thumbs up’ if you like it, as he says he’ll do more. And, if you like it, buy Ittle Dew on GOG completely DRM-free.


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